Foundation Stitches

When you are crocheting is your beginning chain stitch too tight for your crochet stitches, causing it to bunch or the corners to turn up? Would you like to learn a faster way to begin you base stitch?  All of these are great reasons to learn how to do a foundation row with single, half double, or double crochet stitches.  You can use the foundation stitches in any pattern where it calls for you to first chain a row.

When I first saw a foundation stitch I thought it was too confusing and it would just be easier to continue chaining and then crocheting into that chain.  Later after learning I think this way is both quicker and simpler, and results in a better looking final product.

So what is a row of foundation stitches? When making a row of foundation stitches you are basically starting in the bottom of the previous (double/single/half-double) crochet stitch, chaining one, then making another (double/single/half-double) crochet stitch in that chain.


  1. Chain number corresponding with the stitch you plan on making (HDC-3, DC-4, SC-2)Image
  2. (If DC or HDC yarn over) insert hook into first chainImage
  3. Pull through   Image
  4. Chain one      Image
  5. Do HDC/DC/SC  Image
  6. Insert hook in chain one Image
  7. Draw up a loop  Image
  8. Chain one
  9. Repeat 5-8 until length desired



*Note-the last stitch made for some reason, is smaller than the others, but as you continue, they should even out.

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