Christmas Round-up

IMG_6027 IMG_6045 IMG_6077 IMG_6090


1. Heartbeat Skully Hat– This pattern isn’t free, but it’s really cute.  I made the hat based off the picture, and it didn’t turn out as well as hers.  If you don’t mind buying a pattern (it’s only 4 dollars), and want a cute hat, this one is really good.

2. Hello Kitty Hat– I made this is for my little sister, who is a hello kitty fanatic.  It was too small at first, like for anyone, even a newborn, I guess because my yarn was slightly thinner than worsted weight.  So I had to improvise a little.  Also the pattern for the eyes and nose were slightly confusing.  I don’t think anyone else had that problem, and the writer’s looks really good.

3. Braided Crochet Headband-This is really cool. It is a continuous braid and looks great from all angles because there isn’t a seam connecting the entirety of the braid.  The crochet part was very simple, but the braiding part took a minute.

4. Ribbed Scarf-So simple.  This isn’t really a pattern, its more like a different way to do your stitches to get this effect.  It looks like knitting, but its way faster.  I think mine turned out pretty well, I hope my mom enjoys it.

❤ S


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