WIP: Portal Companion Cube Blanket

Since my cat has recently commandeered my favorite fuzzy blanket to cuddle up on the sofa with, I decided to make me another blanket to cuddle on the sofa with.  I was especially convinced after seeing this blanket.  Portal 1 and 2 are my favorite games, and I thought this would look really good.  I ran out of light grey yarn and haven’t had the chance to get anymore 😦 By the time I’m finished it’ll be too warm for a blanket.

20140301_115333(Forgive the kitty; as soon as I spread it out, she had to come lay on it)

I did have some problems with the chart pattern.  Mine turned out kind of stretched; I’m hoping that some blocking will help.  If attempting this project or a similar one, I recommend doing a small square with the same hook, yarn, and stitch, and then taking a picture and using photoshop or mspaint to make your own grid pattern according to your own stitch size and laying that over the image you plan on making.  I think your result will turn out much better.

❤ S


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