Front Post Double Treble Stitch (Fpdtr)

The Front Post Stitches are often used in crochet to help give a piece texture.  In front post stitches, instead of crocheting into the top of a stitch, you crochet around the “body” of the stitch.

To do this particular stitch you start off by doing yarn over 3 times.




Insert the hook between two stitches from front to back, then around back through the front. Your hook should be behind only the stitch you are crocheting into, like this.



Yarn over and draw up a loop.



Yarn over and pull through 2 loops, 4 times.



And Voila! You have made a Front Post Double Treble Crochet!



One thought on “Front Post Double Treble Stitch (Fpdtr)

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