Learning to Knit: First Impressions

I recently started trying to learn to knit.  So far I can cast on, knit, purl, and that’s it.  Some of the things I’ve noticed about knitting are:

  • TIME: The time it takes to knit something the same size as something crocheted is immensely longer.  This could be due to the fact that I’m a beginner, and I’m using small knitting needles, but I feel like I’ve got the hang of it, and it still seems like it takes longer than if i were crocheting with a tiny hook.
  • APPEARANCE: Knitting makes a more delicate, drapey item.  Crochet stitches are larger than knitted ones (which is why it’s faster) making something crocheted bulkier and not as flowing as something similar that was knitted.  In crochet you can get an item to be more flowy by using a bigger hook, but things that are knitted with a tiny hook are still flowy and won’t have nearly as many gaps as something you made to be of equal flowy-ness that was crocheted.
  • VERSATILITY: as far as patterns go, I’ve seen much more interesting stitches and textured things from knitters rather than crocheters. I don’t know if this is because the knitting community is larger, therefore there are a larger variety of patterns, or if knitting itself is more versatile.  Regardless this is a difference between the two.

These are really the only things I’ve noticed so far.  I really like the look of a knitted item, but personally I don’t think I have the patience to knit something that could just as easily be crocheted.  As for the multitude of knitted items that couldn’t be crocheted in a similar way, I’ll have to suck it up and get back to practicing my knitting.


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